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@hausofea File:Instagram-Icon.png - Wikimedia Commons is a networking platform made by artists for artists. We believe that we are at our bests as artists and as professionals when we connect well with each other.

For the career-focused artist, @hausofea File:Instagram-Icon.png - Wikimedia Commons allows you a platform to showcase your work to employers and commissioners of art.

For the art commissioner, you will find here at hausofea a positive hive of talented artists, but also a useful pre-view of how artists interact with each other. We strongly believe that in this business the best people are not just great at what they do, but also great at collaborating and bringing the best out of those around them. As a social media platform, you will get a sense of really who you are working with by looking at their hausofea profile and interactions. Who they have worked with, who they follow, and what they like.

Finally, for the ‘pure’ artist, @hausofea File:Instagram-Icon.png - Wikimedia Commons connects you to other artists to showcase your work to and to see theirs for perusal, feedback, exchange of ideas, and the opportunity for collaborative work. We are currently developing an incentive scheme in hausofea for collaborative works between artists on the site. First and foremost @hausofea File:Instagram-Icon.png - Wikimedia Commons is a platform for connecting artists to people who can use their services, but at its core it is service made for artists and run by artists. That means it is supposed to be fun, and we love to see posts and collaborations that appreciate art for art’s sake.

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The HAUSOFEA Membership is currently free for all.

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